Happiness Is the Key to Attracting Everything

About the Happiness Right Now Blog

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Tammy Kevwitch and I am an enthusiastic student of life. I have a unique perspective on Happiness, as I have traveled the gamut from severe mental illness (post traumatic stress disorder and very low self-esteem) to mental health, which has led to my happiness, peace and a beautiful serenity.

Along with learning very powerful skills in recovery and getting significant relief, my interest grew from getting well to achieving my human potential as possible. I have devoured every form of personal development I could get my hands on and continue to do so. The result of internalizing the powerful information and tools I’ve received, not just by reading but doing the work, I am qualified to speak about Happiness. I will periodically be sharing poetry and songs that I’ve written. Writing has been a great source of happiness for me. I hope that something I write will be inspirational and meaningful to you as well.

This blog is to share my personal insights and wisdom, not to sell you something, but I would like to briefly share that I recently found a very powerful personal development course that includes an income opportunity from a company that is a powerful positive-change agent and is performing incredible humanitarian work globally.  Click on the link on the right side of this page only if you are curious about a Personal Development Income Opportunity.


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